Product Overview

Roller garage doors are considered to be the modern alternative to the traditional up and over garage. Roller Garage doors offer the following features:

  • Ease of operation via remote control
  • Enhanced security by fitting behind the brick piers eliminating gaps at the side of the door
  • High security secondary locking, deters would be thieves
  • By operating vertically roller garage doors don’t swing out like a traditional garage door, saving driveway space and room inside the garage
  • Drafts are almost eliminated by having heavy duty, rubber seal to the bottom of the door, and double rubber seal with brush seal to side guide.
  • All our garage doors are insulated to help keep heat in and cold out
  • Variety of colour options including wood effect and metallic colours

Specification for Classic Roller Garage Doors

20180611_153936 [20180611_153936.jpg]

Classic doors are manufactured from a 77mm x 19mm thick walled aluminium lath insulated with CFC- free foam to roduce heat loss and sound transmission. Ideal for garages up to an opening width of 5400mm wide or where additional security may be needed.  Insulated lath and triple side seals provide for the ultimate insulation and draft resistance.


  • Maximum drive through opening width 5400mm over guide width 5580mm.
  • Maximum Drive through opening height 2900mm, over box height 3200mm.
  • Choice of 23 curtain colours
  • 77mm deep and 19mm thick foam filled aluminium insulated lath.
  • 90mm double rubber and single brush sealed guides. Standard colors white or brown. Matching colour guided on request
  • Auto locking security straps
  • Heavy duty weather seal to bottom lath
  • 300 x 300 box if required attached to solid end plates for doors up to an opening height of 2900mm.
  • 360 x 360 box if required attached to solid end plates for doors up to an opening height of 3600mm.
  • Safety brake on all classic doors as part of CE requirements
  • Crank handle to operate door in the event of power failure.
  • Remote controlled operator. Control panel with up, down and stop buttons. 2 hand sets supplied as standard. Control Panel supplied with 3 pin plug
  • All doors CE marked and compliant


 The classic door does not require a full hood unless you specifically request one. You can choose from either the 90 degree back box, 45 degree front box or both. This would be classed as an optional extra.


Specifications For Compact Door

The Compact Doors are manufactured from 55mm insulated lath, 13mm thick. These doors are ideal for garages with restricted headroom allowing the door to roll up within a 205mm x 205mm box. These doors can be manufactured up to a maximum width of 2850mm to a maximum opening height of 2750mm.

  • Maximum drive through opening width 2850mm over guide width 3000mm
  • Maximum drive through opening height 2750mm over box height 3000mm
  • Option of 19 colours
  • 55mm high and 13mm thick foam filled aluminium compact lath
  • 66mm side guide with double neoprene seal, supplied in standard colours of white and brown. Other colours supplied on request
  • Auto locking security straps
  • Rubber weather seal to bottom rail
  • Fully enclosed 205mm compact top roll box (fully compliant with the machinery directive current legislation) with solid endplates, Standard brown or white
  • Fully CE marked
  • Remote controlled supplied with 2 handset fobs
  • Supplied with 3 pin plug, fixing kit and fitting instructions
  • Wall mounted push button control panel with up, down, stop buttons

Compact doors are supplied with a full box as standard. These are supplied in White or Brown. Other colours can be supplied on request


Optional Extras

Remote up grade
Safety edge up grade

Additional hand transmitter

Wireless push button

Wired key switch
Touch numerical key pad

Front fascia {90 degree) Single Door

Front fascia (90 degree) Double door

Back fascia {45 degree) Single Door

Back fascia {45 degree) Double Door

Vision Lath (Classic door only)


Description of Optional Extras


Remote Upgrade

This'control panel comes with a built in courtesy light with hold to run operation on the down cycle. With continued pressure on the down button the door will travel to the floor with control so that you can stop it if it hits an obstruction. This unit comes with Open, Close and Stop button and 2 hand transmitter's.

Safety Edge

The bottom of the door is supplied with an optical safety edge allowing one touch operation on the downward cycle. If the door hits an obstruction it will automatically stop and reverse approximately 75mm. This unit comes with Open, Close and Stop button and 2 hand transmitter's. This unit also benefits from a built in courtesy light.

Additional Hand Transmitters

The hand set is easily programmed to the existing control panel.

Wireless Push Button

An easy installation to your existing control panel. A wireless push button that will operate the door without the need for the hand sets or use of the control panel.

Wired Key Switch

This is normally mounted on the outside of the building and can be used in conjunction with r
or without the remote upgrade.

Touch Numerical Key Pad

This has to be used with the remote upgrade panel or the safety edge panel as the unit is programmed into either of these systems. This is externally mounted allowing you to choose your own entry code. This is a wireless system and can easily be programmed.


This has to be used in conjunction with the remote upgrade panel or the safety edge panel. The unit senses when the door is being forced and omites an audible noise. This unit is fitted to the inside face of the door. As an additional back up we can provide a system that can be taken to any room within your house that will set an alarm off if the door is tampered with (price on request)

Front Fascia (90 Degree)

The front fascia can be used on its own or with the 45 degree back fascia. The front fascia would always be used if the door was to be supplied as a reveal fit (between wall and underside of lintel), however it is not a requirement if the door is face fixed to the inside of the garage.

Back Fascia (45 Degree)

This is an inside cover that can be used on its own or with the front fascia. It is designed to conceal the mechanism of the door so that you do not see the barrel, straps or motor mechanism.

Vision Lath

Vision lath allows natural light into your garage and is supplied with glazing as standard.
On textured woodgrain doors vision lath can only be supplied in a paint finish without the woodgrain affect. The colour is to be as closely matched to the woodgrain. Vision lath can only be supplied on the classic doors.


  • 5 Years on parts including motor, control equipment and external face.

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