Roller Doors

Roller garage doors are straightforward to install in most applications. Before ordering please see the Fitting Requirements below to ensure you have the necessary side and head room. We will send you a self survey form for you to complete to ensure we get your exact requirements correct before manufacture. We don’t take orders online, in our experience we’d rather talk through the exact details to make sure every eventuality is covered. We fully prepare each component in our factory to save you time when installing your new garage door. We’ve written detailed roller garage door instructions specifically for the DIY’er. The door size installation takes around 2 hours. Our detailed survey form shows all fitting options.


Fitting Requirements

Roller shutter installation

Headroom Requirements

• Classic doors require headroom of 300mm and side room of 70mm or 90mm.
• Compact doors require 205mm headroom and 65mm side room.
• The bottom lath will hang down into the opening, so will reduce the drive through height by 77mm or 55mm respectively.
• If the door is installed between the opening the drive through width will be reduced by twice the guide width, and the drive through height will be reduced by the headroom requirement and bottom lath size.


Installation Options

Internal Face Fix

Reveal Fix

External Face Fix

Internal Face Fix

Where there is sufficient side and headroom, the guide rail and roller assembly would be installed directly to the inside of the garage opening.
Recommended for most applications.

Reveal Fix

Installed in between the opening, good where there is limited side or headroom inside the garage. This will reduce the drive through
height noticeably.

External Face Fix

Fitted to the external face of the garage, useful where there is not enough space to install on the inside face, but where maximum drive
through space is required.

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